Sunday, January 08, 2006

Squeaky Sunshine

I talk an awful lot about Stinker. He's at that age where he can tell me stories about "ghosts that ate his macaroni" and how he "doesn't want the blood to fall out of his body". His verbal skills make him easy fodder for blogging.

However, let me just state that my little Pipsqueak is really coming into her name sake. She is a fireball of energy who greets me each morning with a tilt of her head and quick turn back, shrieking "no kisses! no kisses!" She can name all parts of your body (including "eyeball! eyeball!" which she'll thrust her pointer into... thank the Lord I wear glasss). She repeats all that she hears and never stops moving. She is all girl with her love for shoes, purses and dolls. But she's also Miss Rough and Tumble USA who is fearless. No jumper, vacuum cleaner, ball or mud pile is safe when Miss Pip comes lurking. With her dimples and and quick laughter, she's a true joy to hang out with. Even her tendency to hang on me with unwavering attention (which used to bug me to no end) is now just another endearing Pipsqueak quality. I even taught her to say "I'm a pain!" (pronounced "EmmaPen") which she follows up with an air kiss. Little brat.

She's so going to kick Stink's ass.

(Pictured: Sophie swinging, about 4 months ago post bad mommy buzz. I still say she rocked the haircut, but my husband begs to differ)

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