Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Chuckle Cheese

Had my first experience at Chuck E. Cheese today, thanks to Texas Lizzy and Toddler J. My first note: It's such a typical mother to travel half way across the country and still have energy to find a chain restaurant to accomdate her kid. As for my kids, they loved it. Minus a small injury incurred from Pipsqueak heaving herself off of a merry go round (landing on her nose and causing some blood), all went off without a hitch. My second note: if a rat in a zoot suit can make this much money, I have no excuse not to sell my pilot. That leads me to my third note: gotta go and do my one hour of writing. But not without my fourth note, because I'm a rambler and a mother - this combination always leaves room for "One More Thing Before You Go" (as Maria Shriver's latest book is entitled)... HOOK EM HORNS! Or as it will most likely be in Texas Lizzy's household tonite, hook 'em horny.

Congrats to her husband and all you UT fans out there. I personally could give a rat's ass who won the game. But like I said before, given there's a huge money making rat's ass in every city of this country making a fortune, I gotta go write myself up a huge helping of pilot cheese so that in regards to my TV career I'm not "standing alone".

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