Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thank You...

... as in thank you notes. As in I finally wrote them and delivered them to Stinker's classmates. Only one month late. Ah, well. I am relieved to have them done - not just for formality sake, but because I really am grateful at the turnout of support for his big 3 Fiesta.

I'm one of those whack-a-doos that likes to yuk it up and have fun, but believes in formal tradition of notes, black in winter, white in summer and apple pie on Thanksgiving. I think it has less to do with being a sheep and more to do with having markers in our lives that we can count on. Despite impending doom, we can look forward to thanking Grandma Stella for our ninth pair of purple knit pom-pom slippers each year (no sarcasm intended, Stel - I do love my slippers. They're not helping my sex life, but I'm comfy).

No word from agent on pilot, so am going to get my first magazine query out next week. Yeah, you've heard it before, but now that my show is done, it's time to move in another direction.

Random notes

- Pipsqueak has taken to screaming "boo!" with her little fists over her eyes. I pretend to be scared and she just laughs and laughs.

- Today at lunch, Stink threw his hands together in exhuberant prayer and shouted, "My god is a GREAT GOD so STRONG and so MIGHTY there's NOTHING MY GOD CANNOT DOOOOOOOOOOO!" Such enthusiasm and innocence. And trust. Made me smile.

- Rex came home with a hammoc as a surprise the other day. It's blue and yellow pin stripe with some black thrown in for good measure. I see cold beer, sleeping children, and sun warming my tan skin (All of it is a true except for the tan. I am about as tan as Michael Jackson.)

- My mom made a great statement a few weeks back: "It is easy to hold on... the hard part is letting go". So true... of our homes, traditions, stereotypes, love, hate, routines.

- I am glad not to be obessing anymore over silly house projects. The floors will be done when they're done, and Rex and I have really hit this teamwork groove.

- I realize how lucky I am when I see news about the Middle East.

- Yesterday I saw a young Hispanic man in a rubber Statue of Liberty suit, waving a sign for Instant Tax Returns. I thought how depressing it was, but then realized that for him, that was probably food on his table for a week. It's all relative. Or paying for relatives... however you want to look at it.

- Tonite we celebrated my niece's 20th birthday at my sister's apartment. My sister put on videos of us from 20 years ago. I miss my old body, but not my old glasses and hairdo. "I'll take 80's Cheese for 200". Watching those vinettes, it was the first time in a while I could look at imagery of my dad and not feel loss. I miss him, but his spirit lives on... in all of us. I choose to be happy for having him in my life. If I ever have a third kid, which I won't, but if I did, I'd name him or her Mel.

- I've been overeating on crap which is causing me to crash. Time to refocus mentally, physically, spiritually and intellectually.

Time to count my blessings, not my dollars. Thank you friends, family, America, Starbucks and the senor who was waving the tax return sign on DeSoto and Parthenia. May you have nothing but happiness from sea to shining sea. (But have it in a better costume than Lady Liberty of Canoga Park. Even Camilla Parker Bowles wedding feathered otrocity was cuter than the green foam birdsnest - that's not saying much)

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War Bride said...

Speaking of holding onto things, I just threw out fourteen garbage bags full of adolescence when I was home cleaning out my room this past weekend. Talk about weight off my shoulders!!