Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Comfort Food

...as in couch potatos.

Just when I thought I'd never break Stink of random toy taking or pushing Squeak to get out of his way, I walk into the tv room to find this.

Let me state for the record that the "1,2, 3...Magic" book rocks. The whole Mom staying calm, staying in control... it's rough... it takes time... but my toddler really is taking to it (and I'm not a book advocate necessarily). Of course every kid is different, which makes a parent's role so difficult, but between everything I've tried, I love this method. The only thing I don't like with this idea is that you're not supposed to explain why the kid was in time-out. That's fine while they sit there, but afterwards? I find it helpful. Stink is at an age where he can start to understand "taking toys hurts someone's feelings". Yes, he gets a consequence, but he also needs to learn the "why" and get some support from mom. (This coming from someone who never thought she'd be touchy feely psych mom. It's true what they say... kids change everything.)

Any one else out there find there's this fine line between letting your kids run wild, and letting them be kids? I think I'm seeing the sun come out of the clouds and finding my groove. If anyone of you have hit a rocky patch, I find that patience, time, consistency, willingness to change if something isn't as effective as you'd hoped, and lots of girlfriends are just the right trick.

And after the kids sleep, there's always drinking. (If they get to hit the bottle, why can't you?)

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